SG-2017 China (Shanghai) International Smart Garments Industry Exhibition

Time: 17th-19th April, 2017 Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
Approved by£º
Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce
CCPIT Pudong Sub-council
Guangzhou Clothing Culture Promotion Association Smart Clothing Committee
Shanghai Fortune Exhibition Co., Ltd.
China Intelligent Industry Association
China Garments Smart Manufacture Technology Innovation Alliance
Shanghai Fashion Accessories Society
Shanghai Information Technology Industry Association
Shanghai Internet Thins Industry Association
United States Fashion Association
European Branded Clothing Alliance
Shanghai Fortune Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Dream Intelligent Techonlogy Co., Ltd.
Registration Location£ºShanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center£¨Caobao Road No.88£©
Registration Time£ºApril 15-16, 2017   Move-in Time: April 15-16, 2017
Exhibition Time£ºApril 17-19, 2017     Move-out Time: April 19(from pm 14:30)
With the development of science and people’s living standards, the requirements of clothing is also increasing. It is hoped that clothing should have more features in addition to fashion and warmth. Nowadays we already have the clothing having the functions including waterproof, flame retardant, anti-bacterial and anti-static, and people hope the clothing could be able to vary depending on the changing environment, namely to achieve smart clothing. Smart clothing is the future of textile and garment industry. Smart clothing refers to the life simulation system, having the dual function of perception and reaction. The garments could not only to perceive changes of the external environment and internal state, but also to make smart feedback and respond to this change in real time. Perception, feedback and reaction are the three elements of smart garments.
2016 will be the time of outbreak of smart clothing, the development of smart clothing has been unstoppable. With the development of science and technology, the clothing has exceeded the original scope of the warmth and fashion, is moving towards functional and intelligent. Smart clothing is the upgrade of functional clothing and will play an important role in improving people's working conditions and improving the quality of life aspects. Smart clothing is the emergence of a revolutionary change in the history of human clothing.
To promote the rapid development of smart clothing industries, to promote the traditional textile and garment industry transformation and upgrading, China Shanghai International Smart Garments Industry Exhibition will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Centre on 17-19 April 2017. Concurrently 2017 Shanghai International Smart Garments Industry Forum will be held. The exhibition will build a platform for smart clothing lovers, smart clothing brands, smart production technology hardware and equipment, high-tech materials and traders to communication and cooperation.
¡¾The advantage of SG¡¿
SG is the only exhibition focus in Smart Garments Industry
As the face to face communication platform, the exhibition is bound to be the grand meeting in Smart Garments Industry
SG has authoritative hosts and provides international service
CCPIT has strong global cooperation resource and Fortune Expo is a professional international exhibition service company focus in machine industry.
SG invest huge in promotion 
The organizer committee has cooperated with more than 100 media, 40 industry association globally to promote CWPRE and will participate more than 40 relative exhibition 
SG will hold concurrent high-end forum
The concurrent event will invite more than 50 industry leaders, expert, and enterprise delegates to make speech and more than 1000 audience will attend.
¡¾Exhibit Scope¡¿
Smart Garments Zone: sportswear, jeans, color changing clothes, down jackets, diving suits, children's clothing, infant clothing, underwear, sleepwear, bras, T-shirt, shirts, raincoats, aviation uniforms, uniforms, medical services , firefighter uniform, anti-bacterial clothing each intelligent function suits, custom-branded smart, smart shoes, smart socks, backpacks etc.
Smart Garments Technology and Hardware Zone: electronic information technology, sensor technology, touch technology, biometrics, RFID technology, information management systems, intelligent hardware, electronic components, IC chips, custom systems, CAM / CAD system / hanging system, 3D intelligent fitting systems, intelligent dressing mirror, other related technology and hardware etc.
Smart Garments Production Equipment Zone: intelligent automation garments production lines, robots, cut and sew machine of all kinds of intelligent automation equipment, intelligent printing equipment, textile equipment, laser equipment, ultrasound, intelligent clothing and special equipment , 4.0 technology and other related technology and equipment;
Smart Garments High-tech Materials Zone: intelligent fabrics, fabrics, accessories, yarn, fiber, graphene, nano, etc.
Other Related Products and Technologies Zone: textile chemicals, inks etc.
¡¾Participate Fee¡¿
Standard booth£º9m2 double sides open 20% surcharge Raw space£ºMinimum 36 m2
Domestic£ºRMB 12800 /booth Domestic£ºRMB 1280 / m2
Joint Venture£ºRMB 15800 /booth Joint Venture£ºRMB 1580/ m2
Overseas£ºUS$ 3800 /booth Overseas£ºUS$ 380 / m2
Raw Space outdoor£¨minimum 36 m2£© Domestic£ºRMB 900/ m2
Overseas£ºUS$ 300/ m2
Standard booth includes: 2.5m high panels, a fascia board, carpet, negotiating table and two chairs, 10A/220V single socket, 2 spotlights
Advertise for catalogue: Front cover 20000RMB   Back cover 15000RMB   
Inside front cover 13000RMB   Head page11000RMB      Color insert 6000RMB 
Onsite advertise£ºArch 23000RMB    Badge 20000RMB    Landyard 30000RMB
Balloon 15000RMB        Ticket 10,000RMB 
Handbag 20000RMB    Advertising Board 600RMB/ m2
For other advertise items, seminar etc please contact organizing committee.
¡¾Participating Procedure¡¿
For exhibitors, please obtain a copy of “Floor plan” and “Exhibitor Application Form” from the organizing committee, after confirm your booth please fill out the application form with signature and official seal, then send the form to organizing committee
After signing the application contract with the organizing committee and pay 50% of the exhibition fee within 5 working days. The organizing committee will reserve the booth for you and send invoice to exhibitors by post. 
The allocation of booths principle”first-come, first pay, first arrangement” The exhibitors need to pay the rest of the exhibition fee before December 30, 2016. The organizing committee will send the full payment confirmation letter when receives the full payment and post the invoice.
The exhibitors provide the organizing committee with the company profile for the exhibition catalog/online promotion/visitor guide/exhibits preview/on-site promotion etc. The deadline will be announced later. For early application exhibitor we can provide free promotion “supporting enterprises” and “featured exhibits” two rolling column on exhibition official homepage. Moreover early registration exhibitor can enjoy the exhibits preview promotion which will mail to domestic and overseas professional visitors and buyers. 
Exhibitors need to take the application contract and business card to resist at the exhibition venue during April 15-16, 2016. The exhibitors can get free exhibition catalog, exhibitor badges, materials bags etc.  
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