Booth Construction

Booth shall comply with the following provisions

1.Standard booth
A) outside the provisions of the decorative items shall not appear in the exhibition, not allow nails or punching and pasted sponge in the framework of;
B) no graffiti and posters on display. Exhibitors such as required in the label graffiti to get display the Contractor's consent;
C) booth independent device shall not be more than 2.44 meters high, and shall not exceed the allocated location area;
D) booth location on the corner of the exhibitors to side wall for signs, and on the dealer's name, the price unchanged;
E) if all the equipment fails to exhibitors provided for standard booth, organizers are not responsible for items returned unused amount.

2.Special booth
F) without the exhibition organizers agree, not at the top of any article or in suspension floor, walls and other buildings Museum fixed anything.
G) exhibitors as in the open ground to the top, the design drawings sent to the organizer to obtain approval.
H) exhibitors booth number and company name should be in the booth of a prominent position.
I) leased space exhibitors shall pave the way such as carpets and other objects corresponding to the floor.
J) open on the special decoration booth outside surface as within the channel line of sight, must do the decoration process.
K) as exhibitors unused exhibition contractor, must go through a designated contractors agreed to Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Cenner Exhibition Construction Office for the construction qualification certificate.
L) exhibitors must before the prescribed time, the special plane design, three-dimensional color renderings, electrical phase number, the total power consumption and circuit distribution map (especially to indicate the exact position of power introduced), three copies submitted to the organizer, by the public security, fire department, record the final.
M) special booth contractor should directly pay the site management fee to the hall: 20 yuan / square meters, construction personnel card 30 yuan / person
N) special booth contractor to be sure to register office home building units delivered 500 yuan in the construction of the insurance cost.
O) everything special decoration must use the fireproof material or by fire coating materials. Light boxes and other heating device, shall be equipped with radiating structure.
P) Internet decoration trigger and the entanglement, by special decoration contract, contractor jointly with the New International Expo Center consultation.
Q) multilayer booth height more than 4.5 meters of the exhibitors please contact the organizer (0086-21-60514281), for the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center "multilayer booth" the new regulations.

3.Uniform provisions
R) by the power line, socket to booth wiring board or transformer, voltage facilities will be. All power line shall be double insulated and sheathed wire, different voltage line to be laid separately, power and lighting should be separated.
S) Congress provided free of charge or exhibitors rented equipment please properly use (such as the exhibition wall does not allow paste or hit the nail) and storage, such as a defect, lost, have to pay for.
T) enter the exhibition hall exhibits, the exhibition hall, should have certificate can bring out. Company or person please valuables for safekeeping, in case of accident or loss please timely report, the organizers to assist in the investigation but does not assume liability to pay compensation.
Please pay attention to U) exhibit good neighborly and friendly relations between exhibitors, does not occupy the public channel and the neighboring location for construction and stowage items. If it is really necessary, shall consult with the organizers in advance.